Big Buddy Program

The U.S. National Indoor Tennis Championships' Big Buddy Program facilitates the distribution of tickets purchased by local businesses and organizations to Mid-South charities and youth organizations. The Big Buddy Program is designed to provide children, who would not otherwise have the resources or the opportunity to attend a professional tennis tournament.

Eligibility Requirements

All applying organizations must have 501(c)(3) status. Please include your nonprofit certification number on your application.

For-profit companies interested in tickets for their group may contact 901-765-4401 or

How to Apply

Incomplete or illegible requests will not be considered.

  • All requests must be submitted through a completed application form.
  • The Memphis Tennis Ticket Department will respond to all applications.
  • We cannot guarantee session requests will be filled.
  • Please do not request more tickets than your group can effectively use.
  • All requests should be submitted via e-mail, mail or fax.

Send Completed Application to:

Tennis Ticket Department

The Racquet Club of Memphis

5111 Sanderlin Ave.

Memphis, TN 38117



Processing Your Request / Follow-Up

We will make every effort to fulfill as many requests as possible; however, we unfortunately may not be able to accommodate every qualified application. Submission of your application does not guarantee your group will receive tickets.
A Memphis Tennis ticket representative will contact your organization should tickets be available for your group.
If you have questions regarding your application, please send an email to us
Your group’s attendance will be monitored for games in which tickets are donated and your organization’s usage rate will impact decisions on future donations.
Reselling donated tickets will result in automatic and permanent removal from the program.
Youth must be accompanied by chaperone(s).
Each group must sit in the designated seats provided to them.

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