Daily Parking Passes

Option 1 - Sanderlin Avenue Daily Parking Pass 
The Sanderlin Avenue parking pass includes a reserved parking spot on Sanderlin Avenue from 6 a.m. - 11:59 p.m daily, February 10-17. Sanderlin Avenue is the street on which The Racquet Club of Memphis is located.

Option 2 - The Racquet Club Plaza Daily Parking Pass

The Racquet Club Plaza parking pass includes a reserved parking spot in the Racquet Club Plaza parking lot from 5 p.m - 11:59 p.m daily, February 10-17.

The Racquet Club Plaza parking lot is located conveniently across the street from The Racquet Club of Memphis.

If available, passes can also be purchased at the point of entrance on Sanderlin from the parking lot attendants. 

Download Parking Flyer 


Parking is at a premium during the tournament. The Racquet Club lot is restricted and all of the private lots and residences around the club are off-limits without a pass. We suggest parking along our free Shuttle Bus Route. Available Monday-Sunday, February 10-16. The 25 seat passenger buses travel two routes and bring you to the front door of the Racquet Club.

Shuttle Bus Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, February 10-14
From 5:00 pm until 1 hour after last match

Saturday, February 15
From 11:00 am until 1 hour after last match

Sunday, February 16
From 12:00 pm until 1 hour after the match

*Subject to change.

**Please do not park on Winton Road during the tournament. Towing may be enforced if a car is parked illegally.

Additional Parking Options
Boy Scout Parking Lot - West of White Station Tower (adjacent to Sanderlin Ave)
$30 for a weeklong pass, $7 for a daily pass, $10 for daily in & out pass
Contact Joel at Joel.Bartholomew@LewisSupply.com or (901) 409-2031
FAQs about Public Parking at the Boy Scout Lot:

Questions that aren't answered in the FAQ can be emailed to:  Joel.Bartholomew@LewisSupply.com Please try to see if your question is answered below first due to the volume of email and regular mail received each year.


* Week Passes - $30.00 (limited number because these are the closest spots to the tournament)
* Daily Passes - $10 for "All Day In and Out" of our daily lots; limited number available every day of the tournament except Sunday (all spots are $5 last Sunday of the Tournament). These passes can be sold in advance via the mail instructions below. Make sure you designate which days you want the
pass(es) for and remember that the price is $10 each day, e.g. 3 days of Daily Passes will cost $30.
* One Time Pass$7; Car cannot leave and return. Limited number available during daytime, every day of the tournament.

When will Troop 75 start selling parking passes? We normally have our passes printed and ready for sale by  January 15 each year.

For what dates are the Week Passes valid? We will provide parking spaces this year from Monday, February 10  thru Sunday, February 16. We do not charge for parking any days prior to Monday, February 18.

How can I order a pass and have it mailed back to me? Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with a check made out to "Boy Scout Troop 75" that totals the amount of your order (see listed prices). If necessary, provide a note of what specifically you want and provide me either an email address or a phone number should I need to get some clarification. If you want just Daily Passes for specific dates, please write that in the memo area of your check. Address your envelope to: "Boy Scout Troop 75, c/o Brent Milton, 350 N Fernway Dr, Memphis, TN  38117". Passes are usually mailed the next mailing day after receipt. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO ENCLOSE THE SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE!

How do I purchase daily passes each day if I don't want to order via mail?
If you'd like to purchase passes, please bring cash or a check written out to "Boy Scout Troop 75" and we can sell you daily passes at the parking site.
However, because week long passes are limited, we may not be able to sell you those passes on site as they may have already been sold out. If you want to see how your donation is used, please feel free to visit our
website: http://www.troop75memphis.org/

How do I write out checks to pay for a weeklong pass or all day passes for specific days? Make checks out "Boy Scout Troop 75".

Do you accept cash? Yes.

Do you accept credit or debit cards? Unfortunately, no.

Is handicapped parking available? Yes, but, in general, we only can control around 3 spots for "handicapped tagged" cars. The earlier you arrive each day, the more likely we can accommodate you, however, those spots are on a first come, first served basis. Daily parking prices still apply.

Do shuttles run to the tournament? After 5 pm each night, free shuttles that are arranged/controlled by the Racquet Club (and are quite convenient when the weather isn't cooperating) using private buses or vans run from the area of our lots. In general, the pick-up point is at the eastern end of Black Rd.

How will I know that who is collecting my money or directing me is with Boy Scout Troop 75? All Scouts and adult volunteers wear orange reflective vests to identify themselves and their roles. Sometimes, due to inclement weather, our uniforms are covered up, so the reflective vests not only help to keep us safe in the traffic, but also identify us to the patrons of the tournament. Our lot will be barricaded off with orange cones and yellow rope.

How will the Troop's volunteers know that I have a daily pass? Just place that day's Daily pass on the dashboard of your vehicle and we'll wave you on into the lot. Again, with the Daily pass you can come in and out of our lot as many times as you wish in that one day.

Can daily passes be sold in advance? Yes, either via mail as indicated above or at the lot when you enter.

Are the lots secure? The Racquet Club is approximately 200 yds away and is a safe walk from our lots. Just ask any of us the quickest route and we'll be glad to show you. In fact, if we have enough personnel working, we can have an adult leader walk with you if you would like. Just ask. Shuttle buses run from our lot to the Club for matches after 5 pm each night, which is really good if you can't walk that far or the weather is inclement. Troop volunteers usually leave the lots before the end of the match.

Are there days when daily parking may be reduced? Yes, normally Fridays of Tournament week offer our biggest challenge. Because Friday is normally a big day in the movie theater business, our number of daytime daily parking spaces is reduced by the theater that graciously gives us space to secure for the tournament. Therefore, our parking lots fill early and quickly on Fridays. However, after 5 pm each night of the tournament and all day the last Saturday and Sunday of the tournament, plenty of "daily" parking is available. Lots open up for us to secure after normal operating business hours end in a couple of area business buildings that also graciously let us use their lots for patron parking.

Are there times when your parking is limited? Yes. Each work day between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm we have limited parking available. After 5 pm, we have ample parking for $5. Also, on Fridays our parking is further reduced (see previous FAQ).

Are all the lots paved? All parking is on asphalt paved surfaces.

What address do I need to put in my GPS to find the lot? For GPS purposes, the approximate address of the lot is 584 South Mendenhall Road. The front of the Paradiso Movie Theater faces south and we are on the eastern edge of their parking lot and south of the Doubletree.



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